individualslideYou are not alone. Things can be different. Change is possible. There is hope.

Sometimes in life we need help with personal and emotional challenges that haven’t been able to resolve on their own. If you are ready for positive change in your life, we can help provide insight, support and new strategies for all types of challenges. Through counseling, we can assist you to understand issues and patterns in your life, and to help you draw from your resources and strengths to successfully address those challenges toward genuine health, wellness and transformation.

We can help with:

* Depression                                      * Guilt and Shame
* Anxiety                                            * Life Boundaries
* Crisis                                               * Self-Abusive Behaviors
* Grief and Loss                                 * Women’s Issues
* Trauma                                            * Eating Disorders
* Suicide Prevention                           * PTSD (Military or other)
* Life Boundaries                                * Sexual Abuse
* Addiction                                          * Women’s Issues
* Life Transitions                                * Marriage and Family
* Emotional Regulation                       * Parenting
* Self-Image

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